The Cinemark movie theater in the Hampshire Mall is one of the few main stream movie theaters in the Pioneer Valley, and as such one might expect outrageous prices at the box office.  However, Cinemark is one of the most reasonably priced movie theaters that I have ever been too, even offering a $5 Tuesday special where tickets are only $5.25 each.  They also offer a discount (of a dollar) with student IDs from a wide variety of educational institutions – college, high school, middle school – on all the other days.  Still, considering other theaters charge upwards of $10, this is a real deal.

The concession stand, on the other hand, makes up for the low ticket prices.  When you go there, expect to pay a bit of money for popcorn, drinks, candy, or any other movie treats you’re looking for.  They tend to frown on outside food and drinks being brought in to the theaters, so plan accordingly. As is typical of the larger theater complexes, they have a small arcade inside that houses some pretty decent games, mostly DDR and racing type stuff.  Just enough variety to keep you occupied for a coupe of dollars.

Since this is the only commercial theater for some distance, so they tend to get quite busy during the weekends, especially on Friday nights.  They do offer the Fandango ticket service so if you can spare a few bucks you’ll miss the lines and be able to grab a good seat.  They also offer a lot of midnight showings for the big blockbusters, and show all of the 3D movies.

Address: 367 Russell St, Hadley, MA 01035
Phone Number: 413-587-4237


Vary passed on show times, but typically from 11:00am to 10:00pm


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