I got the idea fort this site while I was attending college at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst when I started hearing my classmates talk about how there wasnothing to do in the area.  Growing up in Northampton I knew this was false and quickly became offended by how boring everyone would assume the Valley was.  When I started dating my girlfriend from Mount Holyoke in South Hadley a few years later, the story was just the same.

That’s when I really opened my ears and started paying attention – people are always looking for things to do around here, and are often very vocal with their complaints.

After doing some obvious searches on various search engines, I realized that I had discovered a niche, one that needed feeling immediately; I spent the greater part of my life exploring the Valley and I continue to do so to this very day, always on the look-out for something new and exciting to try out.

Check out the site for some of the greatest places, cheapest restaurants, and best-kept secrets, and everything in between.

Still being new, this site undoubtedly has kinks to be worked out, all of which I regrettably will not be able to find on my own.  If you should come across a broken link, a typo, inaccurate information, or anything other catastrophe, please report it here and I will personally be sure you are aptly rewarded.

New locations are being added each day, but if you don’t see one let me know and it will be prioritized.

Here’s to no more “dull” days in the Valley.


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